Next Up For Review

Next Up For Review
The Center Cannot Hold, Elyn Saks

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Readers & Writers & Contracts...Oh My!

So much to post this week and (per usual) I am swamped. Up to my unwaxed brows in work, work, work!
Let's make this as painless as possible shall we? No reason to simulate the agony of an epilady on the bikini line.

For you I have a short review of a short. Not really a I take that back, it is a story. A prequel, written by none other than Mary Janice Davidson, the New York Times best selling author. Touted as hilarious from the first word and free on for my Kindle, Outta the Bag got rave five star reviews all over the place.
Needless to say I was excited. New York Love it!
Um, not so much. I gave it two measly stars on my Goodreads review; and I am an extremely generous reviewer (accused of liking everything. I'm sorry! I am an agreeable lassie). To be fair, I haven't read  
Me, Myself, & Why. This could explain why I had a hard time getting into it.
The premise is pretty intriguing. Speed dating plumber that spends his time at the event recalling his run in with what appears to be a schizophrenic possible FBI agent-- what's not to love?
I just couldn't get into the characters. By the time I started to enjoy it, it was over (which, coincidentally, was the point. Short, sweet, leave them wanting more). It just didn't work for me.
Nuff said! Moving on...


I opened my inbox yesterday & guess what? 
I had not one, but two glorious pieces of  enjoyable fiction to post to my Elsie Love website! Egads, I was really starting to think that all my closet writer friends had left the country.

The Man in My Gucci Wallet by Betsy Knapp
In Training by Kara Kelch
(Links people--click on the links!)
Both of these fabulous ladies deserve a round of applause for creativity, humor, and having the courage to write & post it (or allow me to post it) for all the world to read. Please, check out their stories, pass them along, and make comments. Nobody needs a little feather preening like authors--and I mean nobody. The less than zero pay that comes with the art is hardly why we do it. We do it for the fans baby. Let them hear your cheers!

Last, but certainly not least...

Contracts, oh my! (Well, one contract anyway)

I am happy to report that my third book, Confessions of a PTA Mafia Mom, was offered what appears to be a very generous & exciting contract this weekend!
Normally, this would be the spot where I gush about the publisher and talk about all the details, but I have decided to remain momentarily mute.
The moment won't last. I'll be surprised if I make it all the way until Saturday.
Why? Good question. I have two reasons:
1. Superstition
I am, by nature, a rather superstitious gal. Even though I have a signed contract & was given the name of my editor, I am not 100% this is the real deal. Silly? Yes. I did my research; spoke with other contracted authors (all of whom LOVE this publisher--not a single bad word has been uttered) & nagged all my friends into giving me what's the problem? Just nerves. I got pretty screwed once. All it takes is one big screw to really mess with your head. After a big glass of red this weekend I will blab everything. Just you wait & see...

2. Fear
What if my editor hates it? What if, after reading it they decide it isn't worthy after all? What if I get hit by a bus tomorrow? What if the sky rains birds and dead fish wash up everywhere? (Oh wait, that already happened) The list goes on & on. I know I've written three novels, countless blogs, and gotten published in the newspaper (solicited out of the blue! Still my biggest thrill). None of that matters. I'm still just the girl that feels like she can talk a good game and pull it off, so long as you don't pull out your super strength magnifying glass...

Which brings me full circle to this blogs original purpose: YOU.
If you write and stick things in your closet....send them.
If you've always wanted to write, but aren't sure if you can, write & send it.
If you have no desire to write, but have a lifetime of funny stories...then hire me & I will write it for you!
Until next time :)


  1. You inspire me. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....