Next Up For Review

Next Up For Review
The Center Cannot Hold, Elyn Saks

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Drumroll Please!

Believe it or not, I'm moving things along. It might not appear that way at first glance, but I am. I even have evidence!

After some much needed time for short storying and querying and the like, I took a breather to line up not one, but TWO author interviews for my blog(s). A big shout to my sister in chick lit, Ms. Samantha R. for tipping me off to this awesome opportunity! Samantha is the brainchild behind the followed by many CHICK-LIT PLUS ( if you haven't figured it out by now people, the special font indicates a link. Go ahead, click on it--I'll wait). 

My first interview will be in May/June with Nancy Volkers, author of A Scottish Ferry Tale. A lighthearted romantic comedy, this one is sure to be a summer tickler. A newly single lady, hot Scottish men, and some freaky cows? Can't wait!

Follow that up with a June/July interview with Laurel Osterkamp's Starring the Movie of My Life and the dog days of summer will feel as cool and refreshing as a walk under a waterfall. 

***Buy and read either of these scrumptious books before the interview and I will be happy to add your question into my interview! And, I will post the question with your name, so you will be famous (in your own mind).***

Now, onto some news:
The first brave soul wrote and submitted an entry!
(Of course I posted it before she could change her mind) Thank you to Ms. Maggie Winters for her piece, Letter to a Friend. It is a heartwarming tribute from one friend to another. If it doesn't bring tears to your eyes, you are a robot and must be disposed of immediately.

This is it people. The seal has been broken, the ribbon has been cut, the keg has been tapped, and the cork has been popped. There are no more excuses. Now that I hooked one, I fully expect more of you to follow.

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