Next Up For Review

Next Up For Review
The Center Cannot Hold, Elyn Saks

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Questions, Food, & Fun.

Greetings fellow reading, writing, and (hopefully) eating enthusiasts. It's been awhile since I've hit this (meaning the blog of course) and I woke up this morning with many tidbits rolling around in the usually empty five a.m. version of my noggin'. Alas, I had to go to work, thereby delaying the post until now. I'm good with that. Right now blogging is preventing me from doing many other necessary, but far less thrilling vacuuming.
Let's get started.

1.Question: To agent or not to agent? (That is the question on every author's mind)

Answer: That depends.

No matter how many articles I read about the passing fad of print books and the crumbling of brick & mortar bookstores, I still can't help but feel left out of the big leagues. I, like many others, would love nothing more than to be discovered as the next big, Stephen King-Stephanie Meyer- Jennifer Weiner- insert your favorite big name author here. We all pretend like it doesn't matter, but on some level it does. I can't put words to just. matters. 
My question to you is this: is this really, truly, left over brainwashing from an archaic machine that refuses to die? Are we a branded generation of writers--the dinosaurs--that can't wrap our traditionally trained brains around the shift in the paradigm? I believe we are, but I still think it would be awesome to get an agent (a good one) to step up & say, "You, Elsie Love, writer of great fiction, ROCK! We are going to make you a star bigger than Snookie (who, by the way, was paid millions for a book idea based on her life that someone else penned--ACK)."
So far it's a no go. That hasn't set me back too far. I've published two books, with a third on the way & a fourth in the works, but still...I wonder.
I have a friend that is currently waiting on four different NY agents to give her a thumbs up (or down). I wish her all the best. For now, I'm going in a different direction and crossing my fingers. Maybe on the next book.

2. Food!
I was chugging around Goodreads yesterday when I stumbled across a pretty unique site that I wanted to share with my Elsie Love readers. (In case you weren't aware, every person that has ever written anything is on Goodreads and they all have review sites just like this one; so when I say it's different--it is) 
The creators of this site are doing something unique & special. They have combined books & writing with...FOOD! And no, it isn't a cookbook. 
Kudos to the creative genius behind Authors & Appetizers.
When you combine good food with great books, amazing things can & will happen. Please stop by the website and check out their amazing content. Who knows? Maybe you will find a great book club choice & your menu for that meeting you haven't prepped for tonight.

3. Fun!
Well, not quite yet. I'm a tad behind the eight ball. If I were supermom, octomom, or any other mom with a cool name and millions of dollars that kept me in a life of leisure, I would most certainly have a big fat review of my newest read: Admit One: My Life In Film, by Emmett James. Unfortunately, I am an overworked, underpaid mom who passes out from exhaustion at the stroke of nine p.m.. I will tell you this:
I'm halfway through the book
It is an award winner
It is interesting
I will post a review early next week for sure. I super promise, cross my heart & hope to die.
Until then, may your life be filled with love & joy. May your casket (or box) of wine never run dry. And, most importantly, may your spouse do the dishes & your children learn to cook.
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