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Next Up For Review
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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Weaver's Loom

Happy crappy February. Tired of 100 degree temperature swings in one week and sick children, I decided to take a minute and post a review of  a book I recently finished.

The Weaver's Loom by P.L. Reid

I give this book a five star rating. I wasn't asked to rate it (technically I was asked to read & review it on, which I did) but since I took the time to read and review it elsewhere, I figured why the heck not?

This book is historical fiction, a first for me. I can't even begin to guess the amount of woman hours that went into researching this puppy. It is full of fascinating history. Not a history buff? Don't be put off by the scholarly introduction I've given this novel. No, no sister, this one is so much more than that.

The book tells the tale of  of two women living in Hungary, during the Nazi invasion of World War II. Eva, a well loved pillar in the Jewish community, and Izabel, a Rromani Gypsy, shunned by decent honest village folk. Both women suffer unspeakable tragedy at the hands of fate, while building an unlikely bond that defies logic.

This is a haunting story. It outlines the plight of two communities set to be slaughtered. Incorporating the often overlooked history of the Gypsies (I don't remember them in the US History books, do you?) and making the many connections that existed between the groups, all the while maintaining a solid story is no easy feat (as a writer trust me on this). I felt The Weaver's Loom did this effortlessly. It brought tears to my eyes. There were several scenes that I put the book down and came back later (It was just too much to bear all at once); but I always came back. I highly recommend you pick it up or add a copy to your ereader list. 

To learn more about Ms. Reid or to purchase her book check out her website:

P.S. I'm still waiting for your shorts...

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