Next Up For Review

Next Up For Review
The Center Cannot Hold, Elyn Saks

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I've Been A Bad, Bad, Girl....(Sung to the tune by Fiona Apple)

Who took a week's vacation & didn't bring her trusty laptop? I did!
Instead of blogging, I hiked a little, ate (and drank) a lot, and finished A Scottish Ferry Tale, written by Ms. Nancy Volkers, whom I will be interviewing on May 8th. It was sinfully good. I regret nothing. My scale taunts me from the bathroom corner, daring me to step on,--but I'm no fool. I'm not tipping one tiny toe on there until at least mid-March! Now, on to business...
  1. Do You Fondue? 
      I do! (well, I used to) It's April people. A brand new month is upon us. You know what that means? It means....drum-roll please....time for another new short on Until my new release is released, I have dedicated TWO pages each month to writers brave enough to send me their musings. Last month I had two awesome entries. This month I only got one (where are you closet writers?); but don't despair. It. Is. Fabulous.
     Fondue Night, by Robin J Sitten, is an eye opening piece about family life around the table. Reminiscent of days past when women took the Ladies Home Journal to heart, it is sure to stir up some fond memories--or possibly leave you wondering what goes through people's heads when they gather to break bread.
     Available for one month only, Fondue Night, Is an Elsie Love exclusive--so mosey on over and read it before it's gone. Also, be sure to take a minute & send Robin a note. As a writer that devotes her time to providing media access to people with print disabilities, we think Robin deserves three cheers & a whole lotta positive reinforcement from the reading/writing community. Don't you agree?

     2. Mein Kampf Is Mein Crazy

      After spending a good chunk of the school year is eighth grade social studies working through the history of WWII, I decided to take on the challenge of Mein Kampf. Let's just say, it's been one crazy ride. I'm only 8% of the way through the book. I started it in early March, so it is either the longest book in the history of the world, or it's just the ramblings of a madman. Hmmm.
     I finally figured out why the first 7% of the story is so exquisitely random  That little bastard was making every attempt to prove himself a rational, extraordinarily intelligent, human. Peppered with bourgeois, inculcate, and several variations of the word countryal (which by the way, I can't find in any dictionary. I get the jist though)  is just plain weird.
     Then you get hit by the real Hitler. The one that slaughtered millions of people...remember that guy? He goes from building a case as to why he isn't anti-Semitic to describing the Jews as a filth of maggots that are destroying the earth in one page. Yikes. The highlights (where other Kindle readers have marked important passages) are really interesting as well. They seem to be an even split between Hitler lovers and the rest of the rational world. Double yikes.
     Enough of that negativity. Let's move on to something a tad nicer shall we?

     3. Happy Birthday My Artistic Little Friend!

     A Big shout out to my good friend & artist extraordinaire, Cheryl Rausch. I won't go into details about her age & age related complaints; but I will share her awesome art with you.
     Ms. Rausch is a photographer & illustrator of the highest caliber (if I do say so myself). She does amazing, lifelike portraits of animals, people, flowers, or whatever your fancy might be. She has donated thousands of dollars in work & woman time to animal rescues to help those poor babies find homes, & she can create book illustrations like nobody's business.  If you are looking for a unique gift idea--check out her work. There is no better way to surprise your mom for Mother's day than with a framed portrait of her grand kids--trust me!
     Happy Birthday to you, my friend. May the year bring you good health, great fortune, and many more happy returns!  

Until Next time....

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